Teeth Whitening Strips

WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips are a new treatment and offer the latest technology in the field of teeth whitening. Whitening strips have taken the USA by storm and are the most cost-effective way to make your teeth whiter.

This safe and simple treatment, which requires you to wear the strips once a day for 2 weeks for just 1 hour is now available in the UK. So now your whiter smile is only a few days away - find out more

The complete teeth whitening solution!

  • Start to see a whiter smile after just 3 days!
  • Each strip has the exact amount of mint flavoured whitening gel that you need to perfectly whiten your teeth
  • The strips mould easily to the shape of your teeth making it the most comfortable form of whitening treatment available
  • Our advanced patented whitening formula uses the safest whitening ingredients to help keep your teeth healthy and white

About Teeth Whitening Strips

WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips are mouldable plastic strips containing the optimum amount of whitening gel to simply, safely, and effectively, whiten your teeth. With a unique gentle whitening formula that helps to limit tooth sensitivity, these enamel-safe professional whitening strips are designed to follow the contour of your teeth, enabling you to safely and comfortably achieve whiter teeth by applying the strips for 60+ minutes once a day for 14 days.

  • 14 Applications (14 upper strips, 14 lower strips)
  • Enamel Safe
  • Advanced Seal Strips with Non-Slip Technology
  • Patented Formulation with Slow-release Whitening Ingredients
  • Formulated by UK Dentists

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Have You Had Whitening Treatment Recently?

WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips are great as a whitening treatment in their own right and are also effective for topping up if you have had whitening treatments in the past. Find out more about what you can do to help maintain your white smile by visiting our teeth whitening tips page.

Teeth Whitening Strips Video

What’s The Best Way To Whiten My Teeth?

You want a simple, painless, safe and effective treatment that will give you great results. Under the guidance of your dentist, WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips can give you the radiant white smile that you want at an extremely affordable price. The mint flavoured strips are easy to use and offer the most comfortable form of dentist recommended whitening treatment available. Our product has been designed by dentists and is used and recommended by dentists every day throughout the UK and internationally. Find out more information about our whitening strips or discover some of the benefits of whitening strips!

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Sensitive & Premium Teeth Whitening Strips
We have 2 versions of teeth whitening strips available – one for sensitive teeth (which contains 4% hydrogen peroxide) and a stronger premium whitening strip (which contains 6% hydrogen peroxide) for more effective whitening.

Dentist Recommended Whitening Treatment
Our professional teeth whitening strips are only available from dental practices and we stock in some of the best NHS and private dental practices throughout the UK. You can find out more about our teeth whitening stockists and can request that your dental practice becomes a supplier of whitening strips. Find out more about buying teeth whitening strips by clicking here.

Are you a dental professional?
Visit our dentists page for more information about stocking WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips.

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